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  Issue 9 | Quarter 2 - 2015
APRIL 2015
Ops Jelajah Cyber – Zone 3, Terengganu
  2 - 8 APRIL 2015

CyberSecurity Malaysia organized "Ops Jelajah Cyber" for Zone 3 -Terengganu from 2 until 8 April 2015.

Ops Jelajah Cyber is an initiative of CyberSecurity Malaysia under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), supported by the States Government and participation from cyber security industry in Malaysia, such as Myung Inovasi Terkini, Huawei, and Prisma Khas Sdn Bhd.

It is a series of road tour held specifically to help the flood victims. Among the areas visited by the "Ops Jelajah Cyber" in Terengganu are Kemaman and Dungun.

Assistance in the form of data recovery services have helped flood victims to get back information (data or image) stored in the ICT gadgets such as laptop, CPU, external hard disc, hard disc and memory cards that have been destroyed or damaged by the floods.

In addition to data recovery service, the "Ops Jelajah Cyber" also holds consultation session on data sanitization, shared information on data management best practices and also hold briefing on various types of cyber security incidents and threats; including how to report cyber security incidents through CyberSecurity Malaysia's Cyber999 Help Centre.

Working Visit by the Executive Director, Market & Corporate Supervision dan Security Commissions Delegates to CyberSecurity Malaysia
  6 APRIL 2015

On 6 April 2015, CyberSecurity Malaysia received a visit from a delegation of the Securities Commission of Malaysia, led by Nik Mohd Yusoff Hasyudeen, Executive Director, Market & Corporate Supervision Divison. The purpose of the visit was to discuss cooperation in the field of cyber security and related services which are offered by CyberSecurity Malaysia, including specialist training program in the field of digital forensics, cyber emergency response and also security information assurance and cyber security certification.

The visit has strengthened the collaboration between CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Securities Commission in the field of cyber security in Malaysia.

Meeting and Working Visit to CNCERT, Beijing, China
  14 – 17 APRIL 2015

CyberSecurity Malaysia organized a working visit to CNCERT (The National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team / Coordination Center of China) from 14 to 17 April 2015.

The visit was one of the activities in relations to the Memorandum of Understanding between CyberSecurity Malaysia and CNCERT in 2011, in which both parties agreed that they need to continuously strengthen cooperation in the field of network security and cyber security emergency response.

During the visit, discussions evolved around identifying areas that will be explored by both agencies, including issues related to cyber security, methods to improve the technical competence of members in handling cyber incidents, in addition to discussing the strategic direction and future challenges.

The delegation from CyberSecurity Malaysia was composed of Dr. Solahuddin Shamsuddin, Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Aswami Fadillah Mohd Ariffin, Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Response Services and Megat Muazzam Abdul Mutalib, Head of MyCERT.

Khazanah ICT Day Carnival 2015, Kuala Lumpur
  16 APRIL 2015

CyberSecurity Malaysia participated in Khazanah ICT Carnival Day 2015 which took place on 16 April 2015 at the Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).

The one day carnival was organized by Khazanah Nasional Berhad to provide exposure and create awareness among its employees regarding current ICT and the importance of cyber security.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's exhibition booth showcased Data Recovery services, Data Sanitization, Cyber999 and also MyCyberSecurityClinic. In addition, CyberSecurity Malaysia was also involved in several talks, including "ADAB of Digital Citizens" presented by Aaron Mokhtar of Outreach & Corporate Communications Department as well as technical information sessions by Tajul Josalmin Tajul Ariffin of Digital Forensics Department and Md. Shahrom Abu of MyCERT Department.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's participation in the carnival has attracted Khazanah Nasional Berhad to participate in training programs offered in conjunction with CSM-ACE 2015 organized by CyberSecurity Malaysia, which will take place from 6 to 10 September 2015 at the Royale Chulan Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Science 4U Carnival – Central Zone - Kiblat Walk, Putrajaya
  16 – 18 APRIL 2015

On 16 to 18 April 2015, CyberSecurity Malaysia has taken part in the Carnival Science 4U for Central Zone, in Putrajaya.

The carnival was organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) to provide public awareness on Science and Technology. Other than to support programs organized by MOSTI, CyberSecurity Malaysia's involvement was also to disseminate information to the public on the importance of cyber security and information technology. Our objective is to make people realize the importance of ICT security in this era of globalization.

Cyber Intelligence Asia Conference 2015, Manila, Philippines
  22 - 23 APRIL 2015

Cyber Intelligence Conference Asia 2015 was held on 22 and 23 April 2015 in Manila, Philippines. The two-day conference was attended by 150 delegates from various countries in the Asia-Pacific and Europe. Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 is a conference that focuses on security and cyber crime in the Asian region.

Dr. Zahri Hj Yunos, Chief Operating Officer represented CyberSecurity Malaysia to the conference, where he delivered a presentation entitled "Understanding The Element of Cyber Terrorism". CyberSecurity Malaysia was also represented by Dr. Aswami Fadillah Mohd Ariffin, Vice President of Cyber Security Response Services.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's participation in this conference has provided an opportunity to share experiences and information related to cyber-terrorism and cyber security. In addition, it is also a recognition of CyberSecurity Malaysia at international level.

Meeting and Working Visit to Trendmicro, Manila, Philipines
  21 – 24 APRIL 2015

A visit was made to the office of the TrendMicro Research, a global leading malware research centre in Manila, Philippines on 24th April 2015.

CyberSecurity Malaysia's delegation took the opportunity to learn the techniques of malware research, exchange views, share experiences and best practices and initiatives in malware research. In addition, the visit has strengthened working relationship between CyberSecurity Malaysia and TrendMicro in cyber security field.

The visit also provided a platform with regards to the vision and direction of the current cyber security technology, in addition to fostering closer collaboration between CyberSecurity Malaysia and other organizations in the world in dealing with cyber security issues.

CyberSecurity Malaysia was represented by Dr. Zahri Hj Yunos, Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Aswami Fadillah Mohd Ariffin, Vice President of Cyber Security Response Service.

Prize Giving Ceremony of Kuiz Celik CyberSAFE – ASUH, Kuala Lumpur
  25 APRIL 2015

A prize presentation ceremony of Kuiz Celik CyberSAFE – ASUH was held on 25 April 2015 at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), in conjunction with the 34th Malaysia International Book Fair.

Kuiz Celik CyberSAFE – ASUH was organized by CyberSecurity Malaysia in collaboration with ASUH Magazine. It started in April 2014 and ended in March 2015. During the Kuiz, the monthly winners have been identified, while the prize-giving ceremony was held to celebrate the winners under the monthly 'cumulative questions' category. The main three winners of the accumulative category are: -

  1. Hadieja bt Saidin of Terengganu
  2. Shifa'a bt Saufi of Kelantan
  3. Adik Luqman bin Kassim Lim of Selangor

This quiz is one of the initiatives under the CyberSAFE program, aimed at fostering awareness and understanding among primary school students on the importance of cyber security as well as positive ways to use the computer.

All prizes were presented by Lt. Col. Mustaffa Ahmad (Retired), Vice President, Outreach and Capacity Building Division.

ISMS Transition Briefing Session, Putrajaya
  29 APRIL 2015

A briefing session of the ISMS transition to the standard or latest version of ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 was held on 29 April 2015 to organizations that successfully achieved certification under the CSM27001 scheme.

The briefing was held with the aim of: -

  1. assisting the organizations in carrying out the process of transition to the latest standard;
  2. identifying issues and problems in the transition process; and
  3. providing guidance and direction to the organization in the implementation of the ISMS latest version.

The briefing session was attended by 39 participants from various organizations from government agencies and private sector.

The briefing session provided the opportunity for organizations facing issues and challenges in implementing Information Security Management System (ISMS) to discuss and clarify their doubts, resolve issues and problems with CyberSecurity Malaysia in order to ensure the smooth implementation of ISMS at their respective organizations.

Science 4U Carnival – Sabah Zone, Penampang
  29 APRIL – 1 MAY 2015

CyberSecurity Malaysia participated in the Science 4U Carnival for Sabah Zone for three days starting from 29 April to 1 May

2015 in Penampang, Sabah. Science 4U Carnival organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) throughout the country is a platform for CyberSecurity Malaysia to share information and provide exposure to the public on cyber security, as well as promoting the services provided by CyberSecurity Malaysia