Avoid becoming a victim of harassment
2 FEB 2010 (The Star)

FOLLOW these steps to avoid becoming easy prey for cyberstalkers:

1. Do not respond to threatening messages or messages that make you feel uncomfortable or suspicious;

2. Choose a genderless screen name or handle online (e.g. Topbird) and where possible, register a name different from your real name;

3. Do not complete online profiles with your personal information. Limit the information posted on your profile;

4. Be careful when you post pictures of yourself, family and friends on the Web;

5. Do not flirt online unless you are prepared for the consequences. By flirting you could be setting yourself up for unwanted attention from people you have no interest in;

6. Do not confront the stalker, this only creates more anger, hostility and/or emotional attacks;

7. Immediately get out of an online situation that has become hostile - log off or surf elsewhere; and,

8. Do a web search on yourself to make sure no personal information has been posted online.

Source: CyberSecurity Malaysia.