Are you a victim of cyberstalking?
2 FEB 2010(The Star)

If you are, follow these steps:

1. If you are under 18 years old, you should inform your parents or guardian, or anyone else that you trust;

2. Save all the offending messages in hardcopy and/or softcopy. Make a police report and also lodge a complaint with the SKMM (; 1-800-888-030);

3. If someone has threatened you in a chatroom or on a message board, notify the website moderator/owner immediately. Contact the police about this;

4. Change your e-mail address and your passwords to any online accounts that you suspect the cyberstalker may know about. For added protection, use privacy-protecting programs and e-mail filtering/blocking software, and,

5. Do not meet the cyberstalker face-to-face in an attempt to solve the problem because this can be very dangerous.

Source: CyberSecurity Malaysia.