Only a fraction of victims complain to help centre
The Star (21 March 2012)

Only a fraction of victims complain to help centre

PETALING JAYA: Cyber999 Help Centre received 495 complaints from distressed Malaysians who became victims of cyber bullies last year.

The number is only a fraction of the victims, with many cases of online stalking, harassment and humiliating believed to have gone unreported.

Typical of the reports that the help centre of Cybersecurity Malaysia received is this complaint: "I am really stressed and depressed because someone is trying to ruin my reputation, career and life. He wrote something that I really didn't do.

"Please, I am sick and really feel down right now. I have contacted him and asked him to shut down the blog or remove my pictures and stories, and even threatened to take legal action against him.

"It seems like my request has been rejected and he is continuing to make statements to attack me."