Surfing with awareness
New Staits Times (15 march 2012)

MORE than 1,500 students and parents from 30 schools in Negri Sembilan recently attended the DiGi Cybersafe cyber security workshop aimed at enhancing awareness on use of the Internet and also to encourage its positive usage.

The workshop, organised by the Education Ministry, DiGi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Childline, was held in SMK Seremban 2.

DiGi corporate affairs manager, Zaiton Idrus, said the aim of this workshop was to promote the Internet's role in helping to educate and expose the younger generation to new developments.

Zaiton said many users, especially the younger ones, were unaware that the Internet could also be used for negative reasons and there was a responsibility to educate them.

"During the workshop, parents were taught how to monitor and prevent their children from being drawn into misusing the Internet," she said.

"The students were also taught how to deal with certain situations that might crop up when using the Internet."

Senator Datuk Mohd Najeeb Abdullah, during the workshop's opening, said this was the first time such a workshop was being organised at a state level and targeted at both parents and children.