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Digital Forensics

Training Program

Our trainers are dedicated and motivated personnel, who deal with real day-to-day cases

CSMDF Essentials
This course is designed for personnel who have no IT background, but involve directly with digital and cyber crimes related cases.

CSMDF01 - First Responder
This course is designed for officers who involves in identifying, seizing and preserving digital evidence at the crime scene.

CSMDF02 - Investigation & Analysis
This course is designed for analysts who involve directly in digital forensic examining and analyzing of digital evidence.

CSMDF03 - Data Recovery (Advanced)
This course is designed for analysts who do forensics examination and analysis at the forensics laboratory.

CSMDF04 - Forensics on Internet Applications (Advanced)
This course is designed for Information Security/ forensic practitioners who want to have and advanced forensic knowledge specifically in Internet Applications area. Participants will be trained in hands-on environment with latest techniques and tools available.

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