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An engineer from a large firm had secretly emailed all tenders and documentation for a mega project to a rival company. Suspect was caught by his manager, and he had tried to dispose all tracing evidence leading to the activity done. His manager then reported the case to the top management.
To prove that the engineer was guilty, a computer forensic specialist was hired. The specialist conducted forensic examination and analysis on the engineer's computer. All findings were put into a report. The result of the findings had shown proof that the engineer had performed unauthorized actions of transferring the documents via email to a rival company.

KPDNKK officer had been informed that an activity on movie piracy was done in a remote apartment. Suspect had been alleged of illegally duplicating movies to be sold over the Internet. The officer, with CyberSecurity Malaysia's digital forensic team, raided the suspect place, and seized all digital evidence, including computers and DVD burners. All the seized evidence were then being analyzed by the forensic team. The findings showed that suspect had erased some movies from the digital evidence in order to avoid been charged. Partial information such as customers profile, order forms and payment transaction were also found in the suspect's computer. This evidence was enough for the officer to press charge to the suspect base on the piracy act.

Bank Negara Malaysia received complaint from members of an investment scheme that they did not receive the money that they, according to the team leader, should be receiving. Initial investigation found that the business process that investment scheme performed was actually illegal. Together with forensic team, the location of the investment scheme was located and raided. All computers were seized. From the forensic examination and analysis done, the company's profile, investment scheme documents, revenue generation and customers list was extracted. The findings showed that the business was indeed a fraud, and illegal. The case was brought into court.