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Appeals, Complaints and Disputes Procedure

Any disputes between the MyCB and any party with respect to compliance with MyCC Scheme rules or interpretations are handled by the MyCB as a complaint.

Any disputes between other parties’ e.g. contractual issues between a MySEF and a sponsor shall not be taken as a dispute or complaint with the MyCB.

MyCC Scheme Manager is responsible to ensure that any appeals, complaints and disputes received are fully investigated, documented and appropriate follow-up action taken within ten (10) business days.

Any decision made by MyCB against a certification decision can be appealed within twenty (20) business days of the original decision. The MyCC Scheme Manager is responsible for reviewing the original decision and, within twenty (20) business days of lodgement, either:

  • Upholding the appeal and publishing a revised decision; or
  • Rejecting the appeal and confirming the original decision as final in which case no further appeals on that decision will be considered.

Formal appeals and complaints must be submitted to the MyCC Scheme Manager in a form of formal letter or email. The minimum information require are:

  • The name of the appellant/complainant;
  • Contact details for the appellant/complainant;
  • Their relationship to the decision (e.g. sponsor, developer, evaluator);
  • The certification decision that is the subject of the appeal;
  • An informal description of the appeal/complaint; and
  • The MyCC Scheme Policy (PRODUCT_SP) reference upon which the appeal/complaint is based.

If required information cannot be supplied, the appeals or complaints is automatically rejected and a formal rejection letter is prepared and sent to the appellant/complainant

Appeals, Complaints and Disputes shall be handled in accordance with the Handling of Complaints Procedure (MyCB_PM_014) documented in the MyCB Procedures Manual and the MyCC Scheme Certification Manual specifically for appeals against MyCB certification decisions.