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MyCC Scheme Fee Structure

MyCB recovers costs for the delivery of MyCC Scheme services through a fee for service charging model which includes:

  • Certification fee – fixed fee (this fee covers only certification process where it does not include any cost that is agreed separately between MySEF and sponsor, site visit cost, training cost)
Evaluation Assurance Level
Certification Assurance Fees
RM 16,000
RM 16,000
RM 31,000
RM 31,000
RM 74,000
RM 74,000
RM 74,000
  • Assurance maintenance fee – RM 3,500 (Incl GST)
  • MySEF license application fee – RM 25,000 (this fee covers the costs of MyCB assessment activities during the licensing process)
  • MySEF license renewal fee – RM 25,000 (First Year) and RM 5,000 (Annualy for three consequent years)

These fees contribute to funding CCRA commitment and other supporting functions such as marketing and awareness initiatives.