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An interpretation is an expert technical judgement of the meaning or method of application of any technical aspect of the CCRA, CC, CEM, MyCC Scheme rules and MyCC Scheme publications. There are 2 classes of interpretations:

  • National Interpretation – an interpretation of the CC, CEM or MyCC Scheme rules and MyCC Scheme publications that is applicable with the MyCC Scheme only.

  • International Interpretation – an interpretation of the CC or CEM issued by the Common Criteria Management Board (CCMB) that is applicable to all CCRA participants.

MyCB shall be the authority for managing both interpretations. Request for interpretation (RI) can be accepted from any interested parties including Sponsors, Developer, Consumers, Evaluators and Certifiers using the RI form.

The MyCC Scheme national and international interpretations process comprises of four business functions:

  • Register Interpretation – The function for formally receiving a request for interpretation for future consideration or a final interpretation from the CCMB.

  • Review Interpretation Request – The function for conducting a technical review of an interpretation request, possibly through a technical review meeting of experts, with a decision or otherwise to publish a draft interpretation. The outcome being advised to the original requestor where necessary.

  • Publish Draft of MyCC Scheme Interpretation – The function for publishing a draft interpretation for comment by interested parties.

  • Finalise MyCC Scheme Interpretation – The function for finalising the interpretation, publishing it and making any updates to the MyCC Scheme documentation, and if necessary, escalating the interpretation to the CCMB. A CCMB interpretation is also published through this function.

Further detail is provided in the MyCC Scheme Policy (PRODUCT_SP)