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CSM-ACE 2014

Presentation Slides

Mohd Nizar Mohd Najib
Executive Director, Financial Advisory, Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services Sdn Bhd

Key Note 1
Global Cyber Executive Briefing - Lessons from the Front Lines
David Francis
Cyber Security Officer, Huawei UK

Key Note 2
Cyber Security - Strategy & Approach Making Cyber Security Part of Your Company DNA
James Calder
Client Service Manager, BAE Singapore

Key Note 3
Threat Intelligence Driven Environments
Megat Mohammad Faisal Khir Johari
Director of Risk Consulting, Deloitte Enterprise Risk Services Sdn Bhd

Presentation 1
Deloitte 2014 Global Survey on Reputation Risk
Dr. JJPan
Chief Privacy Officer & Public Policy Director, Asia Pacific Acxiom Corp.

Panelist 1
Trust & Confidence - Considering Technology & Innovationin Cross Border Trade
Eneng Faridah Iskandar
Senior Director of Outreach & Engagement Division, MCMC

Panelist 2
Balancing Regulation & Development in e-Commerce
Eichiro Mandai
Direcor for Overseas/ TradeSafe Corp. & CEO/ ODR Room Network INC.

Panelist 3
e-Commerce Market & Trustmark, ODR
Shaharil Abdul Malek
Co-Founder & CTO of SCANS Associates Berhad

Presentation 2
New Wave Cyber Threats - Are the bad guys getting smarter?


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