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CSM-ACE 2017

Presentation Slides

Panel Discussion 1:
Addressing CyberSecurity – Are Your Board of Directors Ready?

(This session is sponsored by FireEye Malaysia)

Panelist 2:
Mr. Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola
Commissioner of Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, Consultancy Support Services Nigeria (Accepted)

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Panel Discussion 3:
Defense in Depth – Strategies for Cyber Readiness

(This session is sponsored by Splunk Inc.)

Panelist 3:
Mr. Richard C. LaMagna

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President LaMagna and Associates, LLC (Accepted)

Keynote Presentations

Keynote Speaker 1:

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Mr. Megat Mohammad Faisal Khir Johari
Executive Director, Risk Advisory, Deloitte Malaysia (Accepted)

Keynote Speaker 2:

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Mr. Necati Ertuğrul
Chief Technology Officer, May Cyber Technology, Turkey (Accepted)

Keynote Speaker 3:

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Mr. Steve Ledzian
Senior Technical Director, Asia, FireEye (Accepted)