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Digital Security Essential

Date 25 Oct 2022 (session 1)
27 Oct 2022 (session 2)
Time 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Mode Online

Training: RM1,300 (Fees exclude 6% SST)


Moving toward the digital economy, digital transformation is the first and most critical step in which everyone must be involved. In the process, we are exposing more vulnerabilities and threats that will incessantly challenge our economies and societies. Cyberattacks on digital assets are the most critical as they will harm assets, reputation, competitiveness and businesses and threaten human safety unless mitigated appropriately.

This course provides an essential understanding of digital security and its associations with the digital economy and digital transformation. The course will highlight the importance of cyber security and its impact on the digital economy, digital assets of concerned, capacity building and awareness of the growing cyber threats. It also explains the capacity-building framework and describes the core component of digital security domains.

  1. Nurture participants on the importance of cyber security
  2. Intensify awareness of digital security in the digital transformation and digital economy environment
  3. Highlight the digital security threats, risks, vulnerabilities, and the awareness programs related to digital security
  4. Identify critical assets and digital security risks
  5. Establish an actionable mitigation plan
  1. Individual with basic IT knowledge and is interested to learn more about digital security
  2. Individuals who are new to digital security
  3. IT and non-IT managers and executives
  4. Cyber security Team leaders and critical information custodians
  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Digital Security - The New Frontier
  3. Chapter 2: Digital Security - Trust in the Digital Age
  4. Chapter 3: Digital Security - Principles & Frameworks
  5. Chapter 4: Digital Security Awareness and Programs
  6. Chapter 5: Digital Security - Common Digital Security Attacks
  7. Chapter 6: Malaysia’s Initiatives
  8. Chapter 7: Digital Security Asset Identification and Risk Mitigation Plans (Class practical) 9
  9. Chapter 8: Digital Security - Issues and Challenges