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CyberSecurity Malaysia –“CyberNEWS”

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Issue 3 | Quarter 3 - 2013

August 2013
MS ISO/IEC 17021 Accreditation Result by Standards Department, Malaysia
  1 August 2013

The accreditation result received by CyberSecurity Malaysia on 1st August 2013 from Standards Department, Malaysia was as below: ‘Please be informed, that STANDARDS MALAYSIA has tabled to the certification panel on the ISMS assessment report and the panel has agreed to grant accreditation on ISMS for Cybersecurity Malaysia.’ https://www.standardsmalaysia.gov.my/cb-directory

As a certification body that began operations since May 2011, CyberSecurity Malaysia aims to fulfill the accreditation objectives where Accreditation Audit MS ISO/IEC 17021 involves three (3) phases:

i. Documentation Audit Phase
ii. Compliance Audit Phase
iii. Witness Audit Phase

Documentation Audit Phase was implemented on 17- 18 July 2012 and Compliance Audit Phase was implemented on 1-2 November 2012. Overall, CyberSecurity Malaysia successfully completed both phases.

Guidelines and Best Practices Development
  2 August 2013

Security Management and Best Practices Division of CyberSecurity Malaysia is reponsible to develop and prepare information security documents. In 2013, three new documents will be developed on guidelines and best practices.

Preparation of guidelines and best practices document on cyber security is to be used as guidence and practice among public and private organizations as well as the community in handling information security issues. Among the guidelines and best practices that have been completed and in under development include:

  • ISMS Implementation Guideline – A Practical Approach – published on 2 August 2013. General copy can be downloaded from CyberSecurity Malaysia website
  • Best Practices for Safer Wireless Surfing – under development.
  • Guideline on Cyber Bullying – under development.
Development of guidelines and best practices is an opportunity for CyberSecurity Malaysia to share information and knowledge on information security matters. This effort should be continued to allow public and private organizations as well as the local community to continue to receive information on best practices to combat information security issues.
Tunas Cemerlang 2013 “Raya Shopping” with Underprivileged Children of Bait Al-Amin from Parit, Perak and Contribution of Raya Money to Teachers of Bait Al-Amin and students of University Petronas
  3 August 2013

The”Tunas Cemerlang” 2013 Raya Shopping with Underprivileged Children of Bait Al-Amin program organized by CyberSecurity Malaysia in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations as a part of CyberSecurity Malaysia’s corporate social resoponsibility (CSR) program for 2013.

This program was held at Aeon Mall Shopping Complex, Station 18, Ipoh, Perak. Aeon Mall provided kind cooperation by providing special payment counters, Raya goodies bag as well as special discounts for the children of Bait Al-Amin to purchase hari raya necessities.

The program began at 2.00pm with opening remarks by Lt. Col Mustaffa Ahmad, Vice President Outreach followed by the Angpow Raya giveaways. Dr. Amiruddin Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive Officer CyberSecurity Malaysia took this opportunity to spend his valuable time talking and taking photographs with the children of Bait Al-Amin. In the evening, the children were treated to a breaking fast ceremony at Syuen Hotel Ipoh. At the same time, raya clothing and monetary contribution to the teachers of Bait Al-Amin and students of University Technology Petronas who acted as mentors to the students of Bait Al-Amin was held.

Overall, the program achieved its objectives with 41 children and 7 teachers from Bait Al-Amin and 35 students of UTP taking part. This activity provided an opportunity for the less privileged children to enjoy the Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations.


The inaugural visit by the YB. Datuk Dr. Ewon Ebin, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (July 23, 2013) and YB. Datuk Dr. Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah, Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (August 5, 2013) to CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Both visits were the first by the Minister and Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation to CyberSecurity Malaysia with the purpose to review the activity and the development of CyberSecurity Malaysia as one of the agencies under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

The visits provided a clear picture to the Minister and Deputy Minister of the role and function of CyberSecurity Malaysia, in addition to introducing the services provided by CyberSecurity Malaysia.

CyberSecurity Malaysia considered both the visits as a recognition of CyberSecurity Malaysia's role to monitor and ensure the security of cyberspace.

In addition, the visit also gave a clear message about the importance of the existence of CyberSecurity Malaysia in addressing issues related to cyber security, apart from fostering bilateral relations between CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Office of the Hon. Minister and the Hon. Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Incident Handling and Network Security Training for X-MAYA Drill
  19-21 August

Incident Handling and Network Security Training for X-MAYA Drill course was held for three days involving participants of Cyber Drill X-MAYA 5 that will be held in November 2013. Participants were given exposure on techniques to handle responses against cyber security incidents that happens in their respective organizations, handling web application threats as well as malware threats.

16 participants from local banks, government departments, private organizations and government agencies attended this course.

It is expected that through this course, the participants are able to handle cyber security incidents that occurs at their respective organizations and obtained knowledge on web application and malware threats.

Information Security Management System Foundation Training
  26 August 2013

Information Security Management System (ISMS) Foundation Training program was aimed at providing knowledge and capability to the participants to carry out ISMS at their respective organizations. The training session was conducted by Sabariah Ahmad from CyberSecurity Malaysia and was attended by 16 participants. This training increased the capability of the participants to handle organization’s assets especially company data and information.

Introduction to Laboratory Quality Management MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  26 - 27 August 2013

This course provides preliminary exposure on strategic direction, method and principles of Laboratory Management based on ISO/IEC 17025 standards. It also provides exposure to new staff members to adapt themselves to the new work environment especially pertaining to Laboratory Quality Management System at CyberSecurity Malaysia. 6 participants attended this program which was held at Concorde Hotel, Shah Alam, Selangor for two days.

This program helps to strengthen the MYSEF laboratory accreditation obtained from Standard Department Malaysia by providing exposure and knowledge on ISO 17025 to staff members of MySEF Deparment. It also created an opportunity for MySEF staff to share their experience with the participants who were from various work background fro organizations such as Genting Plantation, National Poison Centre, UiTM ( Engineering and Automotive)

Study visit in conjunction with ICT Data Storage and Security Officers and Staff of Hulu Langat District Education Department (Group 1) Course
  28 August 2013

This visit was to provide exposure to participants on the function of Digital Forensic Department and MyCERT Department. Delegates were given a corporate briefing by Lt. Col. Mustaffa bin Ahmad (Retired), Vice President Outreach. Briefing on Digital Forensic Department was given by Tajul Josalmin bin Tajul Ariffin and briefing on MyCERT Department was done by Norlinda binti Jaafar.

Delegates were also taken for a visit to Digital Forensic Department lab and MyCERT Department lab. During the afternoon session, a presentation titled The ADAB of A Digital Citizen was given by Aaron Ikram Mokhtar from Outreach Department.

33 participants took part in this visit which has the potential to create cyber space collaboration between CyberSecurity Malaysia and Hulu Langat District Education Department.

Project Management Course
  28 - 30 August 2013

This training program was conducted to provide an understanding on basic principles of project management to staff members of MySEF Department. Additionally it provided an opportunity to new recruits to adapt to new work environment which involves project management at CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Two participants attended this program for two days. This program provided comprehensive effect on the role and responsibilities of Project Management Officer and Quality Officer to understand the nitty gritty of project management in MySEF Unit.

Learning visit by Students and Lecturers of Multimedia University to CyberSecurity under Centre of Diploma Program
  29 August 2013

This visit was aimed at providing exposure to the students on the role of Digital Forensic Department and MyCERT Department. The session started with screening of corporate video and followed by briefing on Digital Forensic Department by Tajul Josalmin bin Tajul Ariffin and briefing on MyCERT Department by Juanita binti Abdullah Sani.

40 students and 3 lecturers took part in this visit where they were brought to the laboratories available at CyberSecurity Malaysia. Visits of this nature has the potential to to create collaborations in the field of IT between CyberSecurity Malaysia and Multimedia University in the future.