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CyberSecurity Malaysia –“CyberNEWS”

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Issue 3 | Quarter 3 - 2013

September 2013
Information Technology and Communication Exhibition during Software Testing Conference (SOFTEC) 2013
  2 - 5 September 2013

SOFTEC Asia 2013 is a software testing conference organized by Malaysia Software Testing Board at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa from 2 to 5 September 2013. The opening ceremony was officiated by Minister at Prime Ministers Department YB Senator Dato’Sri Abdul Wahid Omar.

A total of 300 participants from various organizations took part in this conference. Participants were placed in groups based on the topic of interest. After the opening ceremony, YB Senator Dato’Sri Abdul Wahid Omar also visited exhibition hall including CyberSecurity Malaysia’s exhibition booth. Throughout the conference duration, approximately 80 participants visited CyberSecurity Malaysia’s booth and listened to the brief explanation on the services provided by CyberSecurity Malaysia. Several parties expressed positive reaction towards the services on offer. Among objectives of CyberSecurity Malaysia’s participation in SOFTEC Asia 2013 is to provide awareness and exposure on services provided by Information Security Certification Board (ISCB) as well as to attract public interest towards services offered by CyberSecurity Malaysia

As a result of participation in SOFTEC Asia 2013, it is expected that the services such as MyCC, CSM27001 and Malaysia Trustmark for private sector will be recognized by local and international organizations.

VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure & Manage Training
  4 - 6 September 2013
  VMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure & Manage training was conducted for three (3) days to provide exposure on the technical aspect to CyberSecurity Malaysia staff members. 12 staffs of CyberSecurity Malaysia from various department participated in this training to learn to use VMware vCloud Director with the aim to supervise and manage central help system Cyber999 (extended to LEA) under RMK10 project. This training enabled them to operate Cyber999 CRM system more efficiently and effectively.
Customer Relations Management System Application Usage Workshop for Law Enforcement Agencies.
  5 September 2013

Customer Relations Management (CRM) System Application Usage Workshop for Law Enforcement Agencies was held for one day to allow Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) to use Cyber999 system (CRM Application).

About 30 participants attended this training from 9 Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) such as Central Bank Malaysia (BNM), Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNKK), Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM), Royal Police Malaysia (PDRM), Companies Commission Malaysia (SSM), Malaysian Administrative Modernization and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), Ministry of Home Affairs (KDN), Securities Commission Malaysia (SECCOM) and Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission.

The objective of this program was to teach LEA officers methods to use CRM application through Cyber999 system and methods to respond to security incidents at the respective organizations. Usage of Cyber999 CRM system will allow them to manage and handle computer incidents reported by complainants from their respective organizations.

CyberSecurity Malaysia Corporate Social Responsibility Program : Working visit in conjunction with Handing over of 15 Units of Computer to SMK Bengkongan Kota Marudu, Sabah
  9 – 10 September 2013

CyberSecurity Malaysia Corporate Social Responsibility program this time carried out a working visit in conjunction with handing over of 15 units of Computer to SMK Bengkongan Kota Marudu, Sabah. This program is the follow up from closing ceremony of Tunas Cemerlang 2.0 CyberSAFE Mentor, which was held on 17 April 2013.

On top of the computer donation, CyberSecurity Malaysia also provides technical assistance for the 15 computers whereas MIMOS provided the suitable internet infrastructure for the school.

Additionally, CyberSAFE program was also carried out to continue to escalate the importance of cyber security and to further increase information technology awareness among local communities.

System Stability and Electronic Transaction Forum
  10 September 2013

The forum that was held in Indonesia was officiated by Ashwin Sasongko, Director General, Informatics Application, Republic Indonesia. It was attentended by 700 participants consist of ICT practitioners and experts, private companies, public sector, academicians as well as university students.

This forum created bilateral cooperation between CyberSecurity Malaysia and Indonesia. It also allowed information sharing on cyber security in Malaysia and at the same time promoted services offered by CyberSecurity Malaysia.

ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) On Measures To Change Cyber Security – Legal and Cultural Aspects, Beijing, China
  10 - 12 September 2013

ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) was held on 11 - 12 September 2013 in Beijing, China themed Measures To Enhance Cyber Security – Legal And Cultural Aspects. This for was co-chaired by China and Malaysia – represented by National Security Council.

Opening remarks was presented by Liu Zhenmin, Deputy Foreign Minister, China and Datuk Mohamed Thajudeen Abdul Wahab, Secretary National Security Council 60 delegates attended this two-day forum from 18 ARF member countries, European Union and ASEAN Secretariat. 24 presenters presented in 5 sessions as below:

  • Session 1: Recent developments of national and Regional Practice on Cyber Security;
  • Session 2: Capacity Building to Strengthen Cyber Security;
  • Session 3: Cultural Dimensions in Cyber Space;
  • Session 4: Regional Cooperation in Combating Cyber Crimes;
  • Session 5: Role of States in Cyber Space

Malaysian delegation presented 4 papers; ‘The Roles of States in Cyber Space by Zahri Hj. Yunos, Chief Operating Officer, CyberSecurity Malaysia and Capacity Building in Enhancing Cyber Security’ by Sazali Sukardi, Vice President Research Division CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Two more presentation was by National Security Council titled Recent Development of National and Regional Practice On Cyber Security and by Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission titled Cultural Dimensions in Cyber Space

CyberSecurity Malaysia’s representative also shared their knowledge and experience based on their respective expertise in cyber security related issues. Those views presented are capable of providing impact on regional cyber security outlook. CyberSecurity Malaysia’s involvement in this forum showcased its leadership as a leading cyber security agency in Malaysia. It also highlighted the Nation’s commitment in supporting international community towards handling cyber security related issues and threats.

14th International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC 2013)
  10 – 13 September 2013

14th International Common Criteria conference organized by National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) was held in Orlando Florida United States on 10-12 September 2013. The conference was coordinated by Certification bodies that represent Arrangement on the Recognition of Common Criteria Certificates in the areas of IT security. Further information can be found at https://www.fbcinc.com/e/iccc/default.aspx

During this conference CyberSecurity Malaysia promoted Malaysian Common Criteria Evaluation and Certification (MyCC) scheme. This conference was an opportunity for CyberSecurity Malaysia to rub shoulders with other international Certification Bodies and Evaluation Facilities. This opportunity was taken to ensure Malaysia is continued to be recognized and also to make it easier for Malaysia to participate in other international conferences.

Additionally, this was also a platform to introduce CSM-MySEF lab to other countries. Success of MySEF in evaluating smart card operating system in establishing smart card as National Identity was also shared during this conference. Norahana Salimin and Ahmad Dahari Jarno gave presentation. Although CSM-MySEF is a new scheme, it is already succeeded in being on top is South East Asia and among the Islamic nations of Middle East. CSM-MySEF also was looking for opportunities to cooperate to produce smart card technology teaching modules with well known institutes such as TUViT (Germany) BrightSignt (France) dan SiVenture (Britain)

A lot new knowledge was gained as a result of CyberSecurity Malaysia’s participation in this conference. Especially on initiatives by CCRA bodies and CC evaluation bodies from Asia, European Union and United States of America in designing a smart card product evaluation mechanism, strengthening of HSM and cryptography technology. This experience will help CSM-MySEF in developing a Centre of Excellence(CoE) in CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Seminar: “Business Online…New Opportunities”
  19 September 2013

This seminar was organized with cooperation from SME Corp Malaysia Johor and MITI Johor aimed at providing exposure to small and medium enterprise entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs on the potentials of online business as well as best ways to optimize online business opportunities. This seminar provided knowledge on the importance of information security and how Malaysia Trustmark could increase the trust in e-commerce to entrepreneurs and traders. It also introduced roles and services offered by CyberSecurity Malaysia and shared the effects of cyber threats and methods against e-commerce.

45 participants from government agencies and entrepreneurs attended this seminar. Among the speakers and the topic presented are as below:

  1. Muhammad Reza Bin Mohd Shariff, CyberSecurity Malaysia - “Cyber Trends and Its Impact”
  2. Sabariah Ghazali, Chief Senior Assistant Director, Investment Policy and Trade Facilitation Department, MITI – Overview of Malaysia Trustmark
  3. Hasnida bt Zainuddin, CyberSecurity Malaysia – “Online Business with Malaysia Trustmark”
  4. Azrine Othman, Pengarah, SME Corp. Malaysia Johor – ”SME Corp. Programmes and Grant”
  5. Azharizaq Nazari, MYNIC Berhad – “Get Malaysia Business Online”
  6. Muhamad Izwadee Bin Hamzah – CyberSecurity Malaysia – “CSM-ACE 2013”
This program is viewed as a platform for CyberSecurity Malaysia to introduce Malaysia Trustmark to private sector and consumers as well as introducing CyberSecurity Malaysia to local communities to enhance the brand name of CyberSecurity Malaysia.

An Integrated Approach for Cyber Security and Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Talk
  20 September 2013

On 20 September 2013, CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Zahri Yunos was invited by Curtin University, Sarawak to give a talk on An Integrated Approach for Cyber Security and Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection to the students of the university.

Zahri shared information on industry perspective and exposure from cyber security aspect. This program provided exposure to students and staffs of Curtin University on National Cyber Security Policy and introduced CyberSecurity Malaysia to the general public.

Creativity and Science4U Program at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Haji Abdul Malek, Cheng, Melaka (Parliament Tangga Batu)
  21 September 2013

Creativity and Science4u program organized by Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) was held on 21 September 2013 at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Haji Abdul Malek, Cheng, Melaka.

In line with the objective of the organizer, the agency under MOSTI also got involved making this program a success in increasing the information technology security awareness among local communities. Apart from CyberSecurity Malaysia, other agencies under MOSTI that were involved include Space Agency, National Science Centre, Technology Park Malaysia, Malaysia Astronaut Foundation and Biotech.

This program was officiated by YBhg Dato’ Dr. Rosli Mohamed, Secretary General, MOSTI and was attended by 2000 visitors consisting of students, teachers and local communities. CyberSecurity Malaysia’s exhibition booth was specially designed to channel information on cyber security awareness and introduce CyberSecurity Malaysia’s services to the visitors especially to students, teenagers and local communities. Students and teachers of Cheng district Melaka also had the opportunity to gain useful information and followed activities and interactive talks on CyberSAFE program.

Program like this gives opportunity to CyberSecurity Malaysia to create awareness on importance of information technology security among general public.

Visit from Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam
  25 September 2013

CyberSecurity Malaysia received a visit from Ministry of Information and Communication, Vietnam consisting 22 officers and lead by Nguyen Thanh Hai, Deputy Director, Computer Emergency Response Team Vietnam (VnCERT).

The delegates were given briefing on the role and function of CyberSecurity Malaysia including the history, mandate and the services offered to the Government and public.

This meeting also discussed opportunities to expand the existing bilateral cooperation between Malaysia and Vietnam especially in the area of cyber security. Delgates also were brought to visit MyCERT, Digital Forensic lab and Security Assurance lab. During the visit, Vietnam representatives expressed interest to cooperate with CyberSecurity Malaysia in the areas of information technology product certification and training and capability development in cyber security.

Technology Update Seminar
  26 September 2013

INTAN Sarawak organized technology Update seminar on 26 September 2013 that showcased two presentation sessions by CyberSecurity Malaysia and Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Presentation by CyberSecurity Malaysia titled Facebook: Keeping It Safe and Social was shared by Syahrir Mat Ali and presentation by MCMC titled Cyber Law for Security: Phishing Crime in Online Banking Malaysia Experience” presented by Tuan Haji Rahmat Abu Nong. This workshop was aimed to increase security awareness in using social media network such as Facebook and the risk of online banking fraud. Both presentation emphasized on sharing of experience and respective case studies and best practices that can be used as guidance by the seminar participants.

Technology Update Seminar was officiated by Director of INTAN Sarawak, Tuan Haji HUssin Mahmud and was attended by 130 participants from various central and Sarawak state departments and agencies.