The 1st in Malaysia - Professional Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCIP) Certification Programme

A 2-week training and certification programme to be held from 10th to 25th November 2008 at the CyberSecurity Malaysias training centre at Level 4, Mines Waterfront Business Park, The Mines Resort City, Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Kuala Lumpur, 7th Nov 2008 - The National cyber security reference and specialist centre, CyberSecurity Malaysia, in collaboration with the Chief Government Security Officers Office (CGSO), and the Canada-based Critical Infrastructure Institute (CII)) are bringing the Professional Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCIP) Certification Programme to Malaysia.

Lt. Col. (R) Husin Haji Jazri, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said, We are very excited. This is the first time for such a training and certification programme to be conducted in Southeast Asia and Malaysia. 20 participants from 10 critical infrastructure organisations have been selected for this first batch. We want to make this an annual training programme so that more and more Malaysians can be professionally certified in Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

This unique certification programme is designed to guide participants to a higher level of professional standing in the area of CIP in line with the requirement of the National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP) of increasing the countrys information security professionals. It is one of the most challenging programmes in the industry and will prepare professionals to deal with all aspects of CIP. Currently, the programme is only available in Canada, the United States and Europe. By bringing the programme to Malaysia, not only will it make the course more affordable but also more accessible to Malaysians, Husin added.

What is Critical National Information Infrastructures (CNII)? To put it plainly, CNII are the systems that enable the nation to function and disruption to such systems will have tremendous impact on the countrys security, economic activities, image, government services and public safety. This includes SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Distributed Control Systems, EMS (Emergency Management Systems), telecommunications, financial systems, mission-critical information technology (IT) system and other high-availability systems.

Securing the systems and network environments that support critical infrastructures is more important in today's world now more than ever and requires an extended set of specialized skills. The NCSP is dedicated to securing the nations CNII.

The PCIP Certification Programme will complement the existing training programmes in the fields of information security currently conducted by CyberSecurity Malaysia - such as the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP). In addition, CyberSecurity Malaysia is also the authorized examination centre for SANS Institute, U.S.A., and Business Continuity Institute (BCI), U.K.

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