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ID Code : CSC 0004
Title : Perception on Cyber Terrorism : A Focus Group Discussion Approach
Author/s : Rabiah Ahmad; Zahri Yunos; Shahrin Sahib and Mariana Yusoff
Abstract : Focus group discussion is an exploratory research technique used to collect data through group interaction. This technique provides the opportunity to observe interaction among participants on a topic under this study. This paper contributes to an understanding on the cyber terrorism conceptual framework through the analysis of focus group discussion. The proposed cyber terrorism conceptual framework which was obtained during the qualitative study by the authors has been used as a basis for discussion in the focus group discussion. Thirty (30) participants took part in the focus group discussion. The overall results suggest that the proposed cyber terrorism framework is acceptable by the participants. The present study supports our initial research that the cyber terrorism conceptual framework constitutes the following components: target, motivation, tools of attack, domain, methods of attack and impact.
Publication : Journal of Information Security
Year Published : 2012 | 231-237 | Vol. 3 No. 3
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