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ID Code : CSC 0008
Title : A Proxy-Based Adaptive Security Model For Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Ecosystem
Author/s : Suhairi Mohd Jawi
Fakariah Hani Mohd Ali
Nurul Huda Nik Zulkipli
Abstract : Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS) has been the main drivers for secure communication over the web. Since its first inception, these protocols face with several security issues from their design and implementation. Several solutions and proposals have emerged as measures to enhance their security. The study for adaptive security for SSL/TLS deserves a focus. In this study, components from adaptive security such as monitoring, analysis and response are integrated into a web proxy. One of the advantages of adaptive security is its architecture improves over time. It can help in protecting users from security threats of HTTPS connections in the changing security environments.
Publication : Prosiding Kolokium Siswazah Sains Komputer dan Matematik Peringkat Kebangsaan 2013
Year Published : 2013
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