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ID Code : CSC 0007
Title : Understanding Cyber Terrorism: The Grounded Theory Method Applied
Author/s : Rabiah Ahmad
Zahri Yunos
Shahrin Sahib
Abstract : Grounded theory method is gaining importance as a method for theory building about a particular phenomenon. One of the most important benefits is the ability to derive theory from and within the context of data collected. In this research, the authors analyzed the data by using a grounded theory method, in which the cyber terrorism framework is drawn. This paper proposes a conceptual framework describing the components of cyber terrorism from six perspectives: Target, motivation, tools of attack, domain, method of action, and impact. The framework provides a baseline when establishing and defining the concept of cyber terrorism. The finding of this work contributes as strategic input to the policy and decision makers in formulating and developing better policy and strategy to counter cyber terrorism.
Publication : 2012 International Conference on Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare and Digital Forensic (CyberSec)
Year Published : 2012 |323-328 |IEEE Conference Proceeding
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