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ID Code : CSC 0012
Title : Randomness Analysis on Grain - 128 Stream Cipher
Author/s : Norul Hidayah Lot @ Ahmad Zawawi
Kamaruzzaman Seman
Nurzi Juana Mohd Zaizi
Abstract : In this work, the randomness analysis of Grain-128 stream cipher algorithm by using NIST Statistical Test Suite is introduced. The NIST Statistical Test Suite is applied to determine the randomness of this algorithm. The Grain - 128 is based on LFSR, NLFSR and Boolean function with suitable for limited resources like gate count, power consumption and area chip. It uses 128-bit key and 96-bit initial value (IV). Based on our result of conducting the analysis, we obtained that this algorithm is not random at the 1% significance level.
Publication : International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Statistics 2013
Year Published : 2013 |n.a |AIP Conference Proceeding
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