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ID Code : CSC 0013
Title : Definition and Framework of Cyber Terrorism
Author/s : Zahri Yunos
Rabiah Ahmad
Noor Azwa Azreen Abd Aziz
Abstract : Cyberspace is a virtual place that has become as important as physical space for social, economic and political activities. Many nations in the world are increasing their dependency on cyberspace when they utilize Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In this digital age, there is the emergence of the concept of cyber terrorism or the use of cyberspace to carry out terrorist activities. Interestingly, there are many concepts of cyber terrorism provided by academicians, researchers, policy makers and individuals. This paper proposes a framework describing the core components of cyber terrorism. The framework defines cyber terrorism from six perspectives: Motivation, target, method of attack, domain, action by perpetrator, and impact.
Publication : SEARCCT'S Selection of Articles
Year Published : 2013|67-79|Volume 1/2013
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