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ID Code : CSC 0015
Title : Cyber Terrorism and Terrorist Use of ICT and Cyberspace
Author/s : Zahri Yunos
Syahrul Hafidz
Abstract : Cyberspace is a virtual space that has become as important as real space for businesses, economics, politics and communities. Malaysia’s commitment in using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as reflected by the investment in the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) and its Flagship increases our dependency on cyberspace. However, this dependency places Malaysia in an extremely precarious position because cyberspace is vulnerable to borderless cyber attacks. This paper provides an overview on the concept and fundamental elements of cyber terrorism, as well as the challenges encountered in dealing with cyber terrorism activities. This paper further highlights the initiatives taken by CyberSecurity Malaysia in educating, safeguarding and strengthening cyber security initiatives, including threats from cyber terrorism and the terrorist use of ICT and cyberspace in the country
Publication : SEARCCT'S Selection of Articles
Year Published : 2011|17-26|Volume 2/2011
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