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ID Code : CSC 0017
Title : A Study on Android-Based IDS: A Propose for Cost-Sensitive Based Intrusion Response System
Author/s : Naqliyah Zainuddin
Mohd Faizal Abdollah
Robiah Yusof
Shahrin Sahib
Abstract : Due to the increase of sophisticated attacks on Androids platform, several techniques for detecting malware on Android platform have been introduced. However, almost none of them are really focusing on response part in deployment of Android-based IDS. These actions and measures are important to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of the protected systems, assets or resources. Securing information from a defense-in-depth perspective is not just about deploying specific technologies to counter certain risks. IDS therefore should provide full capability in incident handling processes in Android platform in order to protect the assets and system resources. Thus, the aim of this research is to develop an improved response system on Android based IDS which will increase the value of response effectiveness while reducing potential harms caused by intrusion. By doing this, it should helps to enhance the effectiveness of incident handling process in securing Android platform.
Publication : Advances in Remote Sensing, Finite Differences and Information Security
Year Published : 2012|180-185| Compilation of Proceedings
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