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ID Code : CSC 0024
Title : Algorithm for Tracking Sensitive Information of Online Application in Computer Memory
Author/s : Khairul Akram Zainol Ariffin
Ahmad Kamil Mahmood
Jafreezal Jaafar
Solahuddin Shamsuddin
Abstract : With the advance in technology and the introduction of cloud computing, the usage of Internet application has been increased rapidly. In addition, the online storages with password protected such as Dropbox, Box Sync, Copy and Cloud Me are already available to all users. Hence, with a rapid development and introduction of this technology, the analysis on the hard drive has become obsolete in retrieving the information from those applications. The aim of this paper is to present an algorithm to track the sensitive information from online application for both active and exile process in the computer memory. The algorithm encompasses the signature search to find the possible processes in the memory, obtain the user and machine data and then some sensitive information with regard to the online application. The algorithm will be independent of address translation algorithm that has been frequently applied in the retrieving technique in the past.
Publication : Proceeding of the International Conference on Advances in Computer Science and Electronics Engineering
Year Published : 2014|12-16|Conference Proceeding
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