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ID Code : CSC 0027
Title : Statistical Analysis on LBlock Block Cipher
Author/s : Nik Azura Nik Abdullah
Kamaruzzaman Seman
Norita Md Norwawi
Abstract : In this research paper, we present the statistical analysis on full round lightweight block cipher; LBlock. This block cipher has a fixed block size of 64-bit, utilizes an 80-bit key and executes in 32 rounds. To determine the randomness of ciphertext produced by this algorithm, NIST Statistical Test Suite is used. Inputs (plaintext and key) for this block cipher algorithm are generated using nine different types of data. From the analysis done, it is concluded that the LBlock block cipher is not random based on 1‚ÄČ% significance level only.
Publication : International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Statistics 2013 : Selected Papers
Year Published : 2014|233-245|Selected Papers
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