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ID Code : CSC 0030
Title : Forensic acquisition on MP3 players
Author/s : Sarah Khadijah Taylor
Mohd Izuan Effendy Yusof
Abstract : MP3 player, a portable digital music player used for playing songs, despite its popularity feature for storing audio files, can also be used to store other types of data, namely .doc, .pdf or .avi. Its portability makes it easy for users to store any data into the device. Investigators now need to be prepared for such devices, as they might contain evidence of a crime. To complicate things further, each MP3 player may have its own proprietary file system, format and technology. This paper will discuss the forensic acquisition on three types of MP3 player; Creative Zen Mosaic, Sony NZW E443 and Samsung YP-Q1.
Publication : International Conference on Pattern Analysis and Intelligent Robotics
Year Published : 2011|143-147|IEEE Conference Proceeding
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