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ID Code : CSC 0031
Title : Digital Forensics Institute in Malaysia: the Way Forward
Author/s : Aswami Ariffin;
Jill Slay;
Husin Jazri
Abstract : The number of internet users in Malaysia fell by 1.1 per cent in 2010. Simultaneously, cyber crimes and cyber related crimes handled and resolved by CyberSecurity Malaysia's Digital Forensics Department increased by 101.9 per cent. Despite this accomplishment, there are two notable concerns: the increase in reported crimes when the number of internet users dropped, and the operation of digital forensics laboratories and research activities are not coordinated. This paper considers the digital forensics landscape in Malaysia by analyzing the problems encountered, its achievements and a brief comparison with Japan. A Digital Forensics Institute is proposed as a way forward.
Publication : Digital Evidence & Electronic Signature Law Review
Year Published : 2012|51-57|Volume 9
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