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ID Code : CSC 0041
Title : Grounding the Component of Cyber Terrorism Framework Using the Grounded Theory
Author/s : Zahri Yunos;
Rabiah Ahmad [UTeM];
and Mariana Yusoff [UTeM]
Abstract : The current framework of cyber terrorism consists of non-tested components which are related to physical terrorism as well as cyber security threats. However, there is no universally accepted definition of cyber terrorism, which seems to be a fundamental issue and challenge in countering threats from cyber terrorism. Grounded theory research begins by focusing on area of study and gathers data from various sources, including literatures, interviews and field observations. A grounded theory study can result in empirically grounded hypothesis that can be further tested and verified with new data using qualitative methodology. In this research, semi-structured interview with purposive sampling procedures is the primary data collection. Twenty-two (22) participants took part in the interview session. The analysis indicated that the framework describing cyber terrorism can be considered from six components: motivation, target, method of attack, domain, action by perpetrator and impact. Continued research in this area can be further conducted, which may lead to the development of strategic and technological framework to counter cyber terrorism.
Publication : Proceeding of the IEEE Science and Information Conference 2014
Year Published : 2014|523-529|Conference Proceeding
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