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ID Code : CSC 0042
Title : A Study on Abnormal Behaviour in Mobile Application
Author/s : Naqliyah Zainuddin;
Mohd Faizal Abdollah [UTeM];
Robiah Yusof [UTeM];
and Shahrin Sahib [UTeM]
Abstract : Abnormal application behavior in mobile can produce a number of undesirable effects. An incorrect or insufficient implementation of application lifecycle, memory related issues and malicious application might cause an unexpected behavior of the application such as bad usability, not responding, crashed and even data loss. Current analysis and detection of abnormal applications behavior are still not comprehensive enough where behavior under user visible failure category such as crash, “stopped unexpectedly” and “not responding” received less attention by researchers. Furthermore, framework of analysis technique has not been developed by researcher to investigate the abnormal behavior in mobile application. Thus, in this paper we will study, analyze and classify the possible issues in causing abnormal application behavior and the existing techniques in identifying abnormal application behavior.
Publication : Open Access Library Journal
Year Published : 2014|1-6|Volume 1
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