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ID Code : CSC 0037
Title : The 5 Strategies to Effective Cyberparenting
Author/s : Mohamad Nizam Kassim
Abstract : The advancement in technology and internet services significantly impacts our society positively and negatively. Unfortunately, the concerned parents are seem helpless in struggling to overcome these negative impacts in relation to their children’s technology and internet usage. The main objective of this conceptual paper is to propose the practical strategies for the concerned parents to overcome these challenges in raising up mobile and web generation in the era of digital culture. This conceptual paper called ‘The 5 Strategies to Effective Cyberparenting’ underlines an indispensable approach for the concerned parents in creating family online safety environment for their children. Hence, these strategies would be used as reference thinking model for the concerned parents to overcome the internet threats in digital culture and as guidelines for security professional to develop and implement security awareness program for the concerned parents. As a result, the concerned parents will be empowered with the right knowledge and skills in cyberparenting.
Publication : Conference Proceedings of the" Social Harms Prevention: Emerging Social Harms, Theories, and Strategies" in Tehran, Iran
Year Published : 2013|n.a|Conference Proceeding
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