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ID Code : CSC 0038
Title : Validation of Digital Forensics Tools for Android Tablet
Author/s : Razana Md Salleh;
Masnizah Mohd [UKM];
and Kamarul Baharin Khalid
Abstract : With the continued growth of the Android mobile device market, the possibility of their use in unlawful and unethical activities will only continue to increase. While vendors and developers of a variety digital forensics tools, both commercial and open-source ones, make various assertions about the capabilities and the performance of their tools, the evaluation of digital forensics tools has been recognized as a challenging, and insufficiently examined research topic in the field of digital forensics. This paper discusses the experiment conducted to acquire data on an Android tablet using four popular digital forensics tools, namely EnCase, Mobile Phone Examiner Plus, Oxygen Forensic Suite and MOBILedit Forensic. The results of the experiment provide an understanding of the capabilities and limitations of each tool and offer an inside view for investigators to choose the appropriate digital forensics tools for acquiring internal data from an Android device.
Publication : Journal of Information Assurance and Security
Year Published : 2014|019-026|Volume 9 Issue 1
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