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ID Code : CSC 0046
Title : Analysis of Steganography Substitution System Methods Using New Testing Techniques Proposed for Strict Avalanche Criterion
Author/s : Abdul Alif Zakaria, Nor Azeala Mohd Yusof, Wan Zariman Omar, Nik Azura Nik Abdullah & Hazlin Abdul Rani
Abstract : In this research, we present the analysis on steganography substitution system methods; Least Significant Bit Substitution, Random Interval, Pseudorandom Permutation, Image Downgrading & Covert Channels, and Cover-regions & Parity Bits. New testing techniques proposed by Phyu Phyu Mar and Khin Maung Latt for strict avalanche criterion is implemented to analyze secret message bit distribution in all methods. One million bits of secret messages have been used for sampling in this testing. This analysis compares each methods results on three tests; total number of bit changes in each output, output values in each output, and total number of bit changes in each bit position. From our observation, Random Interval and Cover-regions & Parity Bits produced the best test results compared to the other three steganography substitution methods.
Publication : International Journal of Cryptology Research No 5 Issue 1
Year Published : January 2015
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