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ID Code : CSC 0048
Title : Hybrid Approach for Assessing Security Vulnerability and Increasing the Resiliency of Industrial Control System (ICS)
Author/s : Ruhama Mohammed Zin
Abstract : Critical infrastructures are found in the modern world and include power generation and transmission, gas, water, and other utilities, transportation systems and others. This paper is concerned with securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that are controlling many critical infrastructures. TCP/IP is being used to connect ICS systems because it is more efficient than the proprietary protocols of decades ago and is also more cost effective. However, the convergence of ICS systems into the corporate IT network presents challenges for the security team to ensure the entire connected system is secure. One of the unique challenges is how to safely perform security assessments on ICS systems due to its proprietary protocols and intolerance to down time. To address these challenges, this paper seeks to explain how ICS systems can be secured from a cyber security standpoint by a hybrid approach that combines conventional vulnerability assessment methods and strategies to increase the resilience of the ICS components by making it more robust and less fragile. The methods are chosen from existing security assessment methodologies and best practices. Using this approach we will be able to assess the vulnerabilities and offer another perspective on how to defend against them which is not so much tied to risk but performance and control driven. The results of this work could offer solutions to increase cyber security within the critical infrastructures.
Publication : International Journal of Computer and Information Technology [Volume 4 Issue 4]
Year Published : July 2015
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