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ID Code : CSC 0049
Title : Utilizing Past Experiences of Incident Handlers For Realizing A CBR Recommender in IT Security Incident Response
Author/s : Wira Zanoramy A. Zakaria, Kilausuria Abdullah & Faiszatulnasro Mohd Maksom
Abstract : Incident response is a very important subject in IT security. Due to significant rise in the number of total reported incidents, there is a need for an intelligent based recommender system to assist the Incident Handlers (IH) in responding to cyber threats. This work explores the application of the Case-based Reasoning (CBR) methodology in order to develop a CBR recommender system for assisting IH in handling and responding to cyber security incidents. The architecture of the proposed system and the work done on case representation describing some sample cyber incident category are discussed in this paper.
Publication : Proceeding of the 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science 12 – 13 October 2015 in Penang
Year Published : October 2015
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