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ID Code : CSC 0061
Title : Statistical Analysis on Lightweight Block Cipher, Simon
Author/s : Isma Norshahila Mohammad Shah, Liyana Chew Nizam Chew, Nor Azeala Mohd Yusof, Nik Azura Nik Abdullah, Norul Hidayah Lot@Ahmad Zawawi & Hazlin Abdul Rani
Abstract : In this paper, we present a statistical analysis on the members of the lightweight block cipher, SIMON. SIMON family of block ciphers was proposed by the National Security Agency (NSA) in June 2013. It consist variety of blocks and key sizes. Even though it is designed to be flexible on variety of platforms but it is tuned for optimal performance on hardware. In this paper, analysis was performed on SIMON64/96, SIMON96/96 and SIMON128/128 by using NIST Statistical Test Suite. These algorithms were tested using the output sequence generated from nine data categories. From the analysis conducted, it is conclude that the outputs from the sample tested on the algorithms are non-random.
Publication : International Journal of Cryptology Research 5(2)
Year Published : January 2016
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