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ID Code : CSC 0062
Title : Development of a Cyber Security Awareness Strategy Using Focus Group Discussion
Author/s : Dr Zahri Yunos, Ramona Susanty Ab Hamid & Mustaffa Ahmad
Abstract : Focus group discussion is often used as an exploratory technique and serves as a source of data collection. It typically consists of a group of 5 to 10 participants led by a moderator. This work contributes to developing a cyber security master plan in Malaysia through focus group discussion. For this study, thirty-two (32) participants took part in focus group discussions. The background of the participants varied from management, policy-making, law enforcement and prosecution to the research and technical fields. The participants had a range of working experience. The target groups identified are kids, youths, adults and parents, and organizations (both public and private sectors). The overall results suggest that in order to achieve a successful cyber security awareness implementation strategy, three implementation layers are recommended: strategic, program execution and content development layers. The findings provide a holistic approach to developing a single common platform for cyber security awareness programs in Malaysia that encompasses various stakeholders.
Publication : SAI Computing Conference 2016
Year Published : July 2016
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