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ID Code : CSC 0064
Title : Securing Classified Information: A Six-Step Approach to Data Classification
Author/s : iti Hazwah Abd Karim, Zahri Hj. Yunos, Mohd Shamir Hashim & Rahayu Azlina Ahmad
Abstract : The Internet’s implementation and reach over businesses, governments and individuals are ever-increasing. Thus, it is not at all an overreaction to anticipate for cyberattacks to be subsequently on the rise, which will in turn ultimately lead to data breaches. Malware and cyber-attacks intended to breach data will continue to evolve and organizations must take the necessary steps to secure their valuable assets and mitigate potential risks through appropriate data classification approaches. The SANS Institute’s six-step approach is recommended as a possible solution to secure classified data.
Publication : International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Vol. 6 (4) , 2015
Year Published : 2015
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