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ID Code : ECC 0067
Title : Cyber Terrorist Detection by Using Integration of Krill Herd and Simulated Annealing Algorithms
Author/s : Hassan Awad Hassan Al-Sukhni; Azuan bin Ahmad; Madihah Mohd Saudi and Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi
Abstract : This paper presents a technique to detect cyber terrorists suspected activities over the net by integrating the Krill Herd and Simulated Annealing algorithms. Three new level of categorizations, including low, high and interleave have been introduced in this paper to optimize the accuracy rate. Two thousand datasets had been used for training and testing with 10-fold cross validation for this research and the simulations were performed using Matlab. Based on the conducted experiment, this technique produced 73.01% accuracy rate for the interleave level; thus, outperforming the benchmark work. The findings can be used as a guidance and baseline work for other researchers with the same interest in this area
Publication : International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications; Volume 10 : Number 7
Year Published : 2019
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