Let's Make The Internet A Safer Place


Through our Outreach program, we aim to inculcate cyber security awareness and help foster a safer digital world. In helping users protect their devices and information online, we emphasise a culture of digital citizenship among the masses from all occupations and lifestyles.


We have made it a priority to provide those on the frontlines with the information, tools and resources necessary to increase the national awareness level on the importance of cyber security. We have organised various CyberSAFE programs and conducted a dedicated CyberSAFE in Schools initiative to inculcate safer Internet usage among the school children.


"The government cannot act alone. It must recognise the limits of its competence in cyberspace. We will seek partnership with other countries and corporate entities that share our views, and reach out where we can to those who do not".


Our CyberSAFE portal was developed specifically to provide information on cyber security for various target groups, namely children/teenagers, parents/end-users and organisations. CyberSecurity Malaysia also makes this information available to the public via and we encourage you to take advantage of these great materials!