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MyCC Scheme Certified Products Register (MyCPR)

MyCC Scheme Certified Products Register (MyCPR) is a list of certified ICT products, systems and Protection Profiles, those undergoing evaluation and those recognised from other CCRA certified authorising participants.

MyCPR function is to assist interested parties on matters relating to the selection and implementation of the certified ICT products and systems. However, information in the MyCPR is limited to the performance of those products against the assurance levels and standards specified in the Common Criteria (CC).

The evaluation results are published in the Certification Report which contains detailed information, including any clarification of the scope of the evaluation, and provides recommendations for the secure use of the product.

Consumers using the MyCPR should be aware that the evaluated portion of a product may not include all the security functionality of the product. Therefore, it is encouraged to download and understand the Security Target and Certification Report for evaluated products to assess its suitability to meet the security needs of the consumers’ organisation.

MyCPR consist of: