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Malaysia Cyber Security Awards

The Malaysia Cyber Security Awards were created to honour individuals and organisations who contributed to Malaysia's cyber security or information security. The awards are conferred in recognition of their innovativeness, commitment, industry/product/service leadership, and sound business strategies.

The Malaysia Cyber Security Awards are intended not only to recognise the efforts of information security professionals, homegrown SMEs and global organisations, but also to encourage innovation and spark strategic alliances within the local security and ICT industry; thus, emphasising the importance and growth of information security in Malaysia's vibrant ICT landscape.

This year marks the second collaboration between Areosea Exhibition Sdn Bhd and the Malaysian Armed Forces' Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division to host the Cyber Digital Services, Defence And Security Asia (CYBERDSA) 2024 event. Scheduled from August 6th to August 8th, 2024, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC), this event is supported by the Ministry of Digital and the Ministry of Defence Malaysia.

With this collaboration, CyberSecurity Malaysia will organize the Malaysia Cyber Security Awards as part of CyberDSA 2024. Further details about CyberDSA can be accessed here.


Charter & Objectives

To promote and highlight organisations that have demonstrated best practices in the information security arena.

To uphold the cyber security profession by recognising innovativeness and contributions by the professionals and practitioners.

To encourage volunteerism and participation in cyber security awareness programmes that would result in cyber security acculturation in the country.

To encourage innovation, commitment, leadership and corporate excellence in the sector, and promote healthy competition within the industry.

To ensure fair, transparent and robust award selection and recognition.

To enhance the reputation of CyberSecurity Malaysia as the preeminent industry player in the country.