Message from CEO


CyberNEWS is back with a new look for the first edition of 2018.

As you are well aware, 2017 witnessed several cyber-attacks which shaken the world. Ransomeware Wannacry and NotPetya sneaked into more than 200 thousand computers in over 150 countries worldwide. In addition, global security and Malaysia were also affected by multiple correlating cyber-attacks and threats.

2018 commences well, when CyberSecurity Malaysia continues to be honored and involved in various programs as well as events that recognizes its expertise, skills and capabilities in addressing issues related to cyber security. It is expected that 2018 will bring continuity to cyber security field with the emergence of digital transformation initiatives, as well as the constantly evolving cyber security threats in current challenging landscape.

Significant cyber threats affecting users such as online fraud, parcel scam, Internet banking transactions, data theft via phishing, identity theft, travel packages fraud, lottery fraud, related content, denial of service (DDOS), spam and the spread of malware are expected to prolong. In addition, issues of personal data leakage, Internet addiction, social media threats, false news, cyberbullying, attacks on IoT and cryptocurrencies will continue to be discussed in 2018.

Therefore, Internet users need to be alert and cautious when dealing in cyberspace. Meanwhile, holistic approaches through three components, process, people and technology need to be addressed to ensure the country is safe and resilient to any forms of cyber threat.

At CyberSecurity Malaysia, we will continue to be proactive in various programs. We aim to continue driving the cyber security industry in Malaysia and develop innovative strategies as well as programs to deliver integrated cyber security services. So, stay with us to keep abreast with our developments through CyberNEWS publication.

Thank you.

Chief Executive Officer