Bicara Siber PKP Covid-19 “When Makcik Kiah Goes Digital, YouTube Live


On 16 April 2020, CyberSecurity Malaysia organised an online forum titled “Bicara Siber PKP Covid-19 “When Makcik Kiah Goes Digital” through YouTube Live application.

This is a medium to discuss issues during MCO on children learning and teaching, mental and physical health effects and cybersecurity-related matters.

Lt Col Mustaffa bin Ahmad (Retired) Senior Vice President, Outreach and Capacity Building Division represented CyberSecurity Malaysia as a panellist with other representatives from the Education Technology Resources Division, Ministry of Education and University of Malaya Medical Centre. This forum received an overwhelming response from over 20,000 views online.

CyberSecurity Malaysia successfully utilized the social media platforms for continuous CyberSAFE campaigns.