Message from CEO


Salam Sejahtera

Welcome to CyberNEWS first publication for 2019. I hope it is still not too late to wish Happy New Year 2019 and to convey my sincere appreciation for your endless support towards this periodic publication.

Throughout 2018, increased dynamic evolution of ICT has affected cyber security field immensely. Various forms of cyber security threats such as cyber-espionage, fraud, hacktivism, malware and malicious code infections, cyber-harassment, leakage of information and data as well as the abuse of social media have threatened organizations and also individual users.

At CyberSecurity Malaysia, we observe this trend as an opportunity to improve our skills and expertise alongside developing cyber security knowledge to bridge cyber security gap in the era of digital technology. Holistic Approach which covers People, Process and Technology will continue to be a priority as cyber criminals consistently seek opportunities for cyber-attack.

Indeed, we do not want consumers to become victims of cyber criminals and simultaneously reduce cybercriminals among internet users in Malaysia. All parties (public - private - individuals) must be responsible and take part to counter cybercrimes. All internet users, including employees in organizations – public, private, multinational and SME need to equip themselves with fundamental cybersecurity knowledge.

IT officers need to keep abreast with the ICT development and equip themselves with skills and knowledge on cyber security. Make some investment and allocate specific fund in order to create a resilient and secured digital infrastructure in their organizations.

CyberSecurity Malaysia is committed towards achieving the status of Cyber Security Specialist and Reference Center which is world-recognized by 2020. Hence, we organized and participated in various programs and initiatives locally and abroad towards realising this goal.

We are also driven to lead Malaysia’s cyber security agenda and foresee increased integrated approach in terms of services, programs and initiatives to address today's cyber-chemistry.

I would also like to inform that in 2019, CyberSecurity Malaysia will commence operation in our new building, Menara Cyber Axis in Cyberjaya. We look forward to a fresh and healthy working environment in this new space to rejuvenate our physical and mental to continue to rejoice cyber security field.

Do follow CyberNEWS throughout 2019, to learn more cyber security trends in Malaysia. Continue supporting us and please share cyber security knowledge you gained with your loved ones.

Thank you.

Dato’ Ts. Dr. Haji Amirudin Abdul Wahab
Chief Executive Officer






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