Message from CEO


Assalamualaikum WBT and Salam Sejahtera.

Welcome to the first edition of CyberNEWS in 2020.

Following 2019 accomplishments, as mandated, this year CyberSecurity Malaysia aimed to expand its technological expertise locally and internationally and continue to develop cybersecurity initiatives to ensure its readiness to overcome cyber threats.

CyberSecurity Malaysia kick start this first quarter by expanding its collaboration, through participating in multiple cybersecurity knowledge sharing and best practices sessions organized by other agencies, government bodies and the industry players.

Known for its annual celebration, in February 2020, CyberSecurity Malaysia led the Safer Internet Day or SID 2020 - Malaysia Edition with the theme ‘Fasih Digital’. It was launched by the Deputy Prime Minister and eventually became a national campaign aiming to inculcate ethical and responsible digital citizens through increased cybersecurity awareness.

Unimaginable, in this first quarter, we are alarmed and facing the adverse impact of COVID-19 pandemic, a life threatening virus that affect the worldwide tremendously. I understand that most of us are working-from-home now, hence the role of technology become increasingly significant. Yet, cybersecurity industry as one of Malaysia’s essential services face challenges as we anticipate increased cybercriminals activities, taking advantage on the Internet users during this difficult situation.

As we rely heavily on the technology during this crisis, I highly urge Malaysians, especially the Internet users, to follow best practices and adhere to recommended guidelines when online. Healthcare remains our priority yet, cybersecurity should also be given attention.

All of us in CyberSecurity Malaysia are always committed to serve you. Currently, we are looking at diversifying cybersecurity initiatives to enhance Malaysians wellbeing.

During this Movement Control Order (MCO) period, we advise fellow readers to follow and share with the public, our periodical publication that contain useful advisories and best practices to be safe and secure online.

Be Smart Be Safe. Together Towards Cyber Wellness.

Thank you.

Dato’ Ts. Dr. Haji Amirudin Abdul Wahab
Chief Executive Officer