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ID Code : CSC 0014
Title : Automated Enhancement Tool for Malware Incident Handling
Author/s : Sharifah Roziah Mohd Kassim
Nur Mohammad Kamil Mohammad Alta
Abstract : Technology is fast advancing with sophisticated tools and software's to assist in daily operations of various fields of industries. Incident handling is not left out as cyber-attack tools are getting sophisticated as a result of technology advancement. Incident handling response sophistication must be at par with sophisticated attacks. It is critical for Incident handling to adapt to technology by using automated tools for efficient detecting, identifying, eradicating and recovering from incidents in a quick manner rather than using the traditional ways. CERTs must be creative enough in how to enhance their Incident handling by having right tools for the right purpose and at the right time. This paper will share an in-house developed tool, called "MyMetaware" to automate, enhance and optimize Incident handling within MyCERT constituency. The paper will share the output from the tool and how it helps in Incident handling. Besides sharing outputs from the tool, the paper will also share the advantages of having such in- house tools to assist in daily operations and how other CERTs can benefit from our results to optimize efficiency in incident handling.
Publication : International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
Year Published : 2013|166-177|Conference Proceeding
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