Client Charter

Influenced by our clients' interests, leaving no stone unturned, the constant, authentic engagement continues…

Our Promise to You


Our vision is to be a globally recognised National Cyber Security Reference and Specialist Centre by 2020. To turn this into reality, we intend to make you, our client, our number one consideration in everything that we do.


We aim to do this through three main areas of focus:

Service, Quality and Relationship.



In delivering our services to you, we adopt values that are aligned with our approach and we ensure professionalism in carrying out our work.

  • We are resourceful

    We understand that there cannot be a single solution that could fit all and solve every problem. Therefore, we treat each case uniquely and with practicality to find creative solutions to solve the problem. You can count on a personalised solution with CyberSecurity Malaysia.

  • We are proactive

    We take the initiative to be forward thinking and progressive when confronting problems in our work. We know that in our industry, there is just no other way to do things.

  • We are responsive

    No matter how complex or difficult a problem is, we will rise to the challenge. It is our calling to keep Malaysian cyberspace safe and secure at all times.




We strive to always reach for higher levels of quality in service. We understand that this is the only way to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry.

  • We are impartial

    No matter how big or small a problem or case might be, we handle it with impartiality. We will provide fair and unbiased support, advice and information without discrimination.

  • We specialise

    To ensure that you can fully benefit from our services, we do everything to the best of our capabilities. We will not be side-tracked by issues that will influence our performance.

  • We are effective

    In order to maintain the highest level of service to you, we strive to deliver accurate advice and reliable service every time you need us.




Beyond the normal operations, our success also hinges on the relationship that we develop with our clients and amongst each individual at CyberSecurity Malaysia. This is what drives us towards excellence.

  • We support each other

    Each one of our staff plays a role in helping to solve your problem. We share our expertise and experience so that you enjoy the benefits and the specialised skills inherent in our staff.

  • We are passionate

    We take pride in our work, and our cooperation with all clients. Working together, we truly believe we can secure our nation's cyber security.

  • We strive to be trustworthy

    Everything we do is focused on one primary goal: you! We are here to safeguard your needs and interests as well as that of the community. In doing so, we hope to gain your trust and confidence.


“Addressing sophisticated cyber threats demands a multidisciplinary team dedicated to protecting our government and infrastructure and we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to building the best cybersecurity team in this region”.


Dato’ Ts. Dr. Haji Amirudin Abdul Wahab, Chief Executive CyberSecurity Malaysia