Cyber Security Professional Development

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Professional Training Services


In a bid to create a knowledge generation capable of understanding and handling the ever-evolving cyber security threats, we strive to nurture the information security workforce with the required knowledge and skills by providing information security competency and capability courses as well as internationally recognised certifications. This is efficiently accomplished through strategic collaborations with reputable organisations in Malaysia and internationally accredited institutions. As a body entrusted to ensure the security of Malaysia's cyberspace, our expertise and services are widely needed to provide training and consultancy on developing Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), Business Continuity Management (BCM), Wireless Technology, Penetration Testing, SCADA, and Digital Forensics.


"We are always pushing the limits by taking on the great responsibility of delivering highly qualified professionals with specialist skills who will directly benefit the country and to keep abreast of the rapidly changing tactics and targeting techniques that we are witnessing today."



The list of programmes offered by CyberSecurity Malaysia includes:

    • Business Continuity Management
    • Common Criteria
    • Digital Forensics
    • Incident Response and Handling
    • ISO 27001
    • Mobile Banking
    • Network Security
    • Security Essential
    • Security Policy Development
    • Web Application Security
    • Wireless Communication
    • Wireless Security
Information Sharing Programmes such as:
  • Information Security Local Interest Group (
  • Information Security Special Interest Group ( SIG).

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