Journal & Conference Proceeding Publications

A Change Impact Analysis Tool: Integration Between Static and Dynamic Analysis Technique

A Dynamic Cyber Terrorism Framework

A Propose Technical Security Metrics Model for SCADA Systems

A Proxy-Based Adaptive Security Model For Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Ecosystem

A Qualitative Analysis For Evaluating A Cyber Terrorism Framework in Malaysia

A Study on Abnormal Behaviour in Mobile Application

A Study on Android-Based IDS: A Propose for Cost-Sensitive Based Intrusion Response System

A Survey on Conducting Vulnerability Assessment in Web-Based Application

Adoption of ISMS for Protecting SCADA Systems against Cyber Terrorism Threats

Algorithm for Tracking Sensitive Information of Online Application in Computer Memory

Analysis of Steganography Substitution System Methods Using New Testing Techniques Proposed for Strict Avalanche Criterion

Analysis on Lightweight Block Cipher, KTANTAN

APEC Women Empowerment through Cybercrime-Free Workshop for Secure Online Trading in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Application of Case Based Reasoning in IT Security Incident Response

Application of Mixed Method in Developing a Cyber Terrorism Framework

Automated Blocking of Malicious Code with NDIS Intermediate Driver

Automated Enhancement Tool for Malware Incident Handling

Challenges and Efforts in Combating Cyber Terrorism

Cyber Terrorism and Terrorist Use of ICT and Cyberspace

Cyber Terrorism Framework

Cyber Terrorist Detection by Using Integration of Krill Herd and Simulated Annealing Algorithms

Definition and Framework of Cyber Terrorism

Developing a Cyber Security Awareness Master Plan in Malaysia: Focus Group Discussion Approach

Developing the Security Zone for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) Implementation Using Practical Security Assessment (PSA)

Development of a Cyber Security Awareness Strategy Using Focus Group Discussion

Digital Camcorder Forensics

Digital Forensics Institute in Malaysia: the Way Forward

Effective Measurement Requirements for Network Security Management

Enhanced Automated Scripting Method for Improved Management of SQL injection Penetration Tests on a Large Scale

Enhanced Rules Application Order Approach to Stem Reduplication Words in Malay Texts

Enhancement of Asset Value Classification for Mobile Devices

Forensic acquisition on MP3 players

Forensics Readiness for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) System

Framework of Analysis Technique for Abnormal Behavior in Mobile Application

Grounding the Component of Cyber Terrorism Framework Using the Grounded Theory

Harmonising ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO.IEC 17025 Implementation in the Digital Forensics Department, CyberSecurity Malaysia: A Case Study

Holistic Approach for Memory Analysis in Windows System

Hybrid Approach for Assessing Security Vulnerability and Increasing the Resiliency of Industrial Control System (ICS)

Hybrid Approach for Memory Analysis in Windows System

Illicit Activities and Terrorism in Cyberspace : An Exploratory Study in the Southeast Asian Region

Implementing a CBR Recommender for Honeypot Configuration Using jCOLIBRI

Integrated Framework of Software Engineering and Common Criteria Practices

Investigating the PROCESS block for Memory Analysis

iOS Anti-Forensics: How Can We Securely Conceal, Delete and Insert Data?

Malaysias National Cyber Security Policy: The Countrys Cyber Defence Initiative

Multiple-Frames Super-Resolution for Closed Circuit Television Forensics

Non Intrusive SSL/TLS Proxy with JSON Based Policy

Non-Intrusive SSL/TLS Proxy Using JSON Data

Object Signature Search for Capturing Processes Memory Image of Windows System

Perception on Cyber Terrorism : A Focus Group Discussion Approach

Protection of Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII) Against Cyber Terrorism : Development of Strategy and Policy Framework

Randomness Analysis on Grain - 128 Stream Cipher

Randomness Analysis on Speck Family of Lightweight Block Cipher

Safeguarding Malaysias Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNII) Against Cyber Terrorism : Towards Development of a Policy Framework

Securing Classified Information: A Six-Step Approach to Data Classification

Statistical Analysis on KATAN Block Cipher

Statistical Analysis on LBlock Block Cipher

Statistical Analysis on Lightweight Block Cipher, Simon

Technical Security Metrics Model in Compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 Standard

Terrorist Use of the Internet

The 5 Strategies to Effective Cyberparenting

The Application of Qualitative Method in Developing a Cyber Terrorism Framework

The Comparative Study Of Randomness Analysis Between Modified Version of LBlock Block Cipher And Its Original Design

The Organisation of Islamic Conference - Computer Emergency Response Team (OIC-CERT) : Answering Cross Border Cooperation

Towards Stemming Error Reduction for Malay Texts

Understanding Cyber Terrorism: The Grounded Theory Method Applied

Utilizing Past Experiences of Incident Handlers For Realizing A CBR Recommender in IT Security Incident Response

Validation of Digital Forensics Tools for Android Tablet