MyCERT - The Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team


The Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) consists of Specialists and Analysts in the areas of Incident Handling and Malware Research.


MyCERT operates the Cyber999 Help Centre, providing emergency response on computer security related matters such as cyber harassment, malware, intrusion, hack attempts and other information security breaches.


We are pleased to provide computer security related services to all private companies as well as home users. You will benefit from our extensive one-stop-centre that meets all of your security needs.

Services provided:


Cyber999 Cyber Incident Reference Center


Assisting Malaysian Internet Users in detection, interpretation and response to computer security incidents.

Security Alert

Alerting Malaysian Internet Users in the event of widespread security incident or malware outbreak.



Coordinating remedial assistance for system vulnerabilities through expert advice and recommendation.


MyCERT acts as an independent reference and coordination point for affected Malaysian hosts in a security incident. This makes it easier for various parties such as local and international experts, incident response teams, vendors, clients and law enforcement agencies to cooperate and conduct vital technical and remedial action at sites affected by computer security incidents.


By providing rapid response through incident detection, analysis and solutions, MyCERT defends national interests, organisations and companies by preventing further unauthorised activities and minimising the damage sustained from computer security attacks.


MyCERT publishes alerts and advisories on new widespread security incident and system vulnerabilities in order to help organisations to mitigate and reduce further threats. MyCERT



plays an advisory role to law enforcement agencies and also assists them when required. MyCERT however does not play a policing or regulatory role.


MyCERT has served diverse economic industries, including banking and finance, multinational companies, government and education sectors. Various agencies have also enlisted MyCERT's services as a trusted intermediary to coordinate a response plan with various parties. These parties can include (but not limited to) Internet Service Providers, law enforcement agencies, Universities, Government Agencies and international CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams)


If you are part of an organisation or a member of the public and you have issues that you would like to bring to our attention, please report to MyCERT via e-mail, facsimile or telephone. MyCERT will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible.